Home town:  Salisbury


Ian Rogers Lead vocals 
Dick Cory – Lead guitar
Paul Neto – Rhythm guitar
Rothgar Argent – Bass
Scottie Stevens – Drums


Benny Miller – Joined band shortly before its disintegration.

(This first trio of photographs are from the Dick Cory era – the two black & white “fish lens” pics were taken during the subsequent Benny Miller period).

Priory Coombe
“A picture paints a thousand words” – what more needs to be said?
Priory Coombev2
Movie makers? PRIORY COOMBE chilling out after a gig at Salisbury’s Rainbow Theatre
Priory Coombev3
This has GOT to be a sound check!
Priory Coombev1

According to the recollections of those who were close to the band, Dick Cory spent some time as a young man in the United Kingdom where he trained with the Royal Air Force.  During this time he pursued his music interests and local folklore has it that he played with HEDGEHOPPERS’ ANONYMOUS and THEM, the latter outfit being a group to which no less a personality than VAN MORRISON also belonged.  (It is not known if Dick and Van were in the band at the same time).  Upon returning to Rhodesia he started a band called THE ALIENS and generally gigged about the place with fellow musos such as Rob Milne, Butch Pepper, Titch Holmes and the Trevelea brothers.  Dick’s extroverted playing style, personality and dress sense soon started to attract a lot of attention, witnessing the formation of PRIORY COOMBE.   Bo Diddley would seem to have been one of Dick’s strongest influences although PC, as a band, were said to have been most influenced by the CREAM.  Paul Neto recalls that the band were probably Rhodesia’s first psychedelic outfit and that, in selecting band members, Dick Cory purposely favoured musicians of limited ability, or whose talents were still being developed, as he did not want musicians “with vices” in the group.  Cory introduced the band to the material of artists such as Jimmy Hendrix, The Pretty Things, The Yardbirds, Them, Pink Floyd and The Electric Prunes.  Benny Miller later brought a knowledge of Blues to the band.  In Paul Neto’s words, Benny was Rhodesia’s John Mayall.

Latest information to hand is that Dick Cory is still in Harare, Rob Milne is in Port Alfred, South Africa, and Butch Pepper is in Blackpool, England.  Mozambique-born Paul Neto is in Portugal where he is a developer of tourist resorts.  Ian Rogers is “alive and well” in London and meets up regularly with Paul Neto.

Priory Coombev12