Home town: Harare


  • Karen Hegarty – Vocals
  • Gavin HookerVocals & guitar
  • Nigel Dams – Vocals & keyboards
  • Paul Heath – Bass
  • Anton Bourdillon – Drums

The band played 80’s and 90’s dance music and appeared regularly at Marilyn’s.  They also appeared at the Sheraton Conference Centre which they describe as “a buzz”.  On one occasion, Mick Matzukis (ex- Antioch), was visiting from Johannesburg and joined them for a guest spot on the drums.  “The trouble was”, recalls Nigel Dams, “Nick is so accurate, and so strong, that he turned Anton’s drumskins into funnels, basically.  Nick  was definitely accustomed to skins a little stronger than the fertilizer sacks used in Harare!”.  Being the gentleman he is, however, he posted Anton a set of Remo pinstripes a week later so there were no losers.