Home town:  Salisbury
Circa:  1967

  • Steve Golding – Vocals
  • Rob Milne – Guitar
  • Ray Kingdon – Guitar
  • John Golding – Bass guitar
  • Geoff Kingdon – Drums (later to become an established harmonica player)

The PSYCO-SET was formed by Rob Milne, a school boy at the time at Cranborne High School in Salisbury.  It was what Rob describes as a “suburb band”.  Rob Milne had learnt how to play the piano accordion at his mother’s behest, later teaching himself guitar.  As his subsequent career unfolded he realised that his voice was good enough to take on lead vocals.

Later that year Rob was invited to join a band called the ASSOCIATES (later re-named MODERATION OVERFLOW) by his best friend, Digby Baillie.  Digby, at the time, was a member of the well known Salisbury band, THEMME THYNGS.