Born 12 February 1943 in Cape Town, South Africa. His family moved to Rhodesia in 1947 where Rodney oval picthe family  settled in Sauerstown, Bulawayo, the family being Louis and Margaret Share, and 3 children, Hilary, Anthia and Rodney. Rodney attended Hugh Beadle and then Northlea High School after which he worked for Garlicks Office Machines where he served an apprenticeship in Office Equipment Repair etc. He worked for Garlicks for 23 years, when they were bought out by Philpot and Collins. He continued there for a few more years. During this time he married Pamela van Heerden in 1967 in Bulawayo and they had 2 children, a daughter Nicolette and a son Malcolm.

Rodney joined the Ramblers Band in Bulawayo in 1964. He at first joined as a technician and transport manager. He would fix amplifiers, microphones and cables and transport equipment with great enthusiasm. Later, at a band practice, Rodney was just singing as he worked on something and all the band all looked up with surprise. This guy sounded like Roy Orbison. They pulled him over to a mic and got him to sing a song or two. He was very shy, but they slowly got him into singing at every gig. Rod sang many Roy Orbison songs and other hit songs with the band. Later on, he recorded “Carol”, and “At My Window” with the Ramblers. “Carol” rose to number 5 on the Rhodesian hit parade. Dave, Rick, and Dennis Laing, plus Dick Cook regarded Rodney like a brother.

Rodney and Pamela then emigrated from the now Zimbabwe in 1982 to the USA where they stayed for 2 years. Rodney felt the pull of Africa and the family returned to Mafikeng, South Africa in 1984 and eventually settled in East London, South Africa in 1988. Rodney worked for Canon from 1988 until his retirement on 31 December 2008. He unfortunately passed away on 29 November 2010 due to a lung illness that he had been struggling with for some time. He leaves his wife, Pamela, son Malcolm and daughter Nicolette and three grandchildren, Kyle, Courtney and Spencer.