I remember going to Le Coq D’Or and listening to the group called “Lincoln”……..I remember how they used to get the place rocking with songs like “Jeremiah was a Bullfrog”… that was a while ago.  I also loved “The Holy Black” when Paddy Beech (sp) used to Drum for them, I knew Ernie Mindry from school days.  I would love to touch base (pardon the pun here) with George and “Half”,( her maiden name was Fairfax) George played the Base guitar for Lincoln………my memory fails me now for all the other names…….I knew them well.  Nic Pickard, Ernie Mindry and Paddy Beech are the only members of Holy Black whose names I remember.  “Lincoln” used to play down in Durban every year.  Can anyone recall the name of the night club “Holy Black” played at………..God I must be getting old!!!

– Rozanne Lund.