Beverly Rocks Motel

Bretts Night Club

Bretts 001
Dave Cree with the GENTLE PEOPLE outside Bretts when the band were there backing JESSICA JONES.



Club Tomorrow

Coco’s (Park Lane)

Galapagos Club

Inner Circle (Strathaven)

Kamfinsa Hotel

La Boheme

Le Coq D’Or

Le Coq D'Or - outside

Le Coq D'Or - Copy of round bar

Le Coq D'Or - Copy of JEN 18 (1)
Photographs per kind favour of Jen Andre who once worked at Le Coq D’Or. Read her fascinating, and hilarious, account of what it was like to be on the other side of the bar counter! You’ll find it in our RECOLLECTIONS & MEMORIES section.

Le Coq Dor Programmev1


Monomatapa Hotel

Park Lane Hotel

Red Fox Inn