Circa: 1965 – 1970
Home town: Bulawayo

  • Peter Milner – Vocals
  • Andy McGibbon – Lead guitar
  • Paul Amato – Rhythm
  • Richard (Rick) Bridgeford – Bass
  • Meg Allard – Drums

Later band line-ups included replacement players:

  • Geoff Crane – Vocals

Robbie Bird – Drums

The Original GUAVAS (with hot rods!) line-up 1965
SUNSHINE ‘n ROCK ‘n ROLL! The GUAVAS in retreat at Meg Allard’s farm in Nyamandhlovu

The Short Circuit Guavas, whose members at the time were still at high school, were extremely popular on the local scene from the time they made their first appearance.  (Just for the record, Rick was at Hamilton, Meg and Peter at Milton and Andy at Gifford Tech).  Being at this stage of their lives, they soon began to lose some of their original members.  First to leave was Paul Amato who headed off overseas and was not replaced.  Next to go was Pete Milner whose rising star as a rugby player was not longer allowing him time to pursue his music interests.  He duly went on to be capped for Rhodesia.  In the meanwhile, James McGibbon Short Circuit Guavasguested with the band from time-to-time without ever being a permanent member.  Following the losses of Amato and Milner, the band renamed themselves FAMILY HOSWORTH and got into the blues.

This transpired to be a short term project when Geoff Crane was recruited to replace Pete Milner and the GUAVAS’ name was resuscitated.  This did not stop the losses, however, as Meg Allard was the next to depart to follow his studies at the University of Cape Town.   He was replaced at Robbie Bird. Although the Guavas continued as quartet for a time, Andy McGibbon’s departure saw its demise and the Guavas were no more.





Short Circuit Guavas - Texan Rock Band 1
GUAVA JIVE! – The GUAVAS at the Texan Rock Band Contest


FRESH GUAVAS. New GUAVA Crop – Version 2 With Personnel Changes


The QUAVAS had a reunion in Bulawayo in the 1990’s and enjoyed a phenomenal response when some 800 people arrived to roll back the years!