Circa: 1965 –
Home town: Bulawayo

  • Jack Thain – Vocals & rhythm guitar
  • Butch Cook – Lead guitar
  • George Felton – Bass
  • Mike Shelton – Drums (was replaced by Keith Vaughan who, in turn, was replaced by Ian Webster in 1969).
The Silhouettes - Casa Alba (Shopped)
The SILHOUETTES Rock The Casa Alba In 1969! From Left to Right: Jack, Butch, George & Ian

Butch Cook, Jack Thain and George Felton originally played together in a band they formed in 1962 called THE CHINCHILLAS.   When they relocated from Zambia to Rhodesia in 1965 they joined the Silhouettes who were already a going concern, albeit not having yet achieved the success they were to enjoy later.

The new line-up of the Silhouettes very quickly stamped the mark of their potential on the local music scene, edging one of Rhodesia’s iconic rock bands of the day, the DRIFTERS, into second place in a rock band contest in 1965.  Following on this success, the Silhouettes went on to the Texan Rock Band Competition in 1967.

In 1968 military call-ups interrupted the band’s activities and, wisely, its members decided to “answer the call” at the same time.  This allowed them all to undergo, and complete, their National Service simultaneously.  The break obviously did them good as, when they returned to the stage in 1969, they again won the Texan Rock Band Competition!

Their future, however, was then influenced to no small extent by Mike Westcott’s move to South Africa.  Mike was a good mate of the band’s and, shortly after arriving in South Africa, he established a rapport with one of South Africa’s most successful music producers, Terry Dempsey.  Dempsey had, in fact, also spent time in the Rhodesias.  Mike was of the opinion that, if the Silhouettes moved to South African, they would be seen by high profile producers and that, with their talents, they would surely be destined for success.

Adding a fifth member to the line-up, Rudi Gouma, the band relocated to Pretoria in 1971.  Upon arrival they were signed up by Terry Dempsey and changed their name to LINCOLN.  The reason for this change of name is unclear.  It appeared to be nothing more than the fact that its American connotations appealed to the band.

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