Home town:  Salisbury
Circa:  1971

  • Sid Noel – Lead guitar & vocals
  • Rob Milne – Rhythm guitar & vocals
  • Ernie Mindry – Bass guitar
  • Mark Robbins – Drums

It was whilst on a well deserved “Flame Lily” holiday in Durban and staying at the Claridges Hotel that Rob Milne responded to a knock on his hotel room door.  When he opened the door he discovered the caller to be Mark Robbins. Mark asked if he’d be interested in joining the band, an invitation Rob accepted without hesitation.  The band were playing professionally in Margate at the time.  Rob promptly returned to Salisbury where he resigned from his job in the electrical trade with one month’s notice and returned to the Palm Grove at the Margate Hotel to join the band for his first professional contract.

When the band broke up in 1972 Rob Milne returned to Salisbury where he formed MESSIAH.