Home town:  Gwelo
Circa:  1960 – 1963

  • George Dearnaley – Vocals
  • Frank Green – Lead guitar
  • Roger Ellis – Rhythm guitar
  • Mike Clark – Bass
  • Chris Tamm – Drums

The original band was made up of old school friends from Chaplain in Gwelo.  They initially practiced at Mike Clark’s house with their repertoire featuring popular rock ‘n’ roll material of the day. Gigs were played regularly at venues such as the Hellenic Hall and Royal Hotel in the town.  The band also completed a “mini tour”, playing in towns such as Redcliff and the Grand Hotel in Selukwe.  George Dearnaley left the band in 1963 to commence his military National Service and the band continued with various changes over the years.  Musicians such as Carol Melton, Rod Hooper and Pete Badenhorst spent time with the band at various stages.  Decades later the band had a reunion in South Africa which was enjoyed by all who were there.