Bio details:

Stevie began her career in Rhodesia with THE NEW TRENDS, the folk-rock band formed in the 60’s by JOHN EDMOND.  Her career progressed into the 70’s when she sang with Hocus and did backing vocals on Margaret Singana’s debut album. During this time, she married Mutt Lange and moved to London. In London she became an established session singer and backed some auspicious bands and musicians including, Elton John, Status Quo, Bad Company, Doobie Brothers (on “Minute By Minute”), Rick Wakeman (on “1984”), Tina Turner, Sweet, Leo Sayer, Barbra Streisand, Jona Lewie, Graham Bonnet, Crawler, Kevin Lamb, Noel McCalla (of ‘Sniff & Tears’), Manfred Mann (on “Watch”), Trevor Rabin (on “Wolf”) and Blancmange (on “Happy Families”).

In 1977 she met Manfred Mann’s guitarist, Chris Thompson, and joined his group Filthy McNasty. In 1978 the group recorded an album, “Live At The Bridge House”. Producer Steve Perry was impressed with their work and signed Chris and Stevie to record an album with him as Night. Night recorded two albums before parting company.

Stevie Lange continued with her session singing at Thompson’s recording studio. She recorded the single, “Remember My Name” (1981) on RCA. In 1982 she did backing vocals for James Last at Sun City and also sang on Mara Louw’s debut album.


Smokey Blues Away (1969) Columbia. (Recorded in SA as Stevie van Kerken).