Home town:  Salisbury
Circa:  1975 – 1976

  • Greg Glover (formerly of Bloemfontein band, “Lilac Rose”) – Lead vocals
  • Rob Milne – Keyboards
  • Frank Reynolds – Drums
  • Clive Dellow – Bass
  • Andy McGibbon (formerly of Bulawayo’s “Short Circuit Guavas“) – Guitar
  • Tony Baldwin (also formerly of  “Lilac Rose”) – Guitar & keyboards

Talisman were already an established band when, playing regularly at Le Coq D’Or, when they asked Rob Milne to join them after they had moved to the Butterworth Hotel to take up a contract.  Thereafter they moved to the Palm Beach hotel (Durban) and the OK Corral in Silverton (Pretoria).  When the band broke up in Pretoria Rob went to Bulawayo where he re-joined the electrical company, Everglo Electric, for the third time!!

Greg and Tony subsequently went on to form a band called G & T and performed on the Cape Town circuit.  Greg now resides in the United Kingdom whilst Tony remains in the Cape.  Frank Reynolds still lives in Zimbabwe.