Circa:  1970
Home town:  Salisbury

  • Dave “Squeege” Lewis (ex-ETONIANS) – Bass, harp & vocals
  • Tony Hulley (ex-DIAMONDS) – Rhythm, trumpet & vocals
  • Maurice Fresco (ex-DIAMONDS) – Drums
  • Barney Heldsinger (ex-EXECUTIVES) – Guitar & vocals
  • Johnny Kreuger (ex-DYNAMICS from Zambia) – Drums.  Replaced Maurice Fresco
  • Phil Arioza (ex-HEXAGONS) – Vocals
  • 3 female singers, all ex-HEXAGONS. Backing vocals.

New Image were Rhodesia’s first truly multi-racial group (at one stage with 4 White and 4 Non-White personnel).  They were arguably Rhodesia’s first Supergroup with members made up from other successful bands (Diamonds, Etonians etc.).  New Image played regularly at the Elizabeth Hotel, “The Lighthouse” and “The Discotheque” (under the Rhodes Cinema).

THE NEW IMAGE. Back row, Left to Right: Barney Helsdinger (guitar & vocals), Tony Hulley (rhythm guitar, trumpet & vocals) and Johnny Kreuger (drums). Front pair, Left to Right: Phil Arioza (vocals) & “Squeege” Lewis.