Home town: Harare

  • Nigel Dams – Vocals & guitar
  • Mike Jansen – Vocals & guitar
  • Jules Parsons – Bass
  • Paul Smith – Drums

The band, originally billed as “99 Proof”, specialised in guitar-driven rock and played many gigs at the Hangar and Archipelago clubs. One particular memory is of an occasion when they set out to play a gig in Karoi in Jules’ truck which was furnished with “typical Zimbo” tyres. That means that the grooves and so were not quite up to scratch. As a result, they found themselves stranded at the roadside with all their gear. This required a rescue mission to be sent from Karoi, incorporating a convoy of pick-up trucks. As a result they arrived at 9 pm, missing their planned 6 pm soundcheck by some hours. Passing their gear over the heads of party-goers, they got established and duly rocked the patient audience well into the night. Playing in front of thousands at the Rhinofest is also a special memory.