Themme Thyngs Reunion 2012
THEMME THYNGES – Rockin’ like they’ve never been away! Mark Robins (drums), Frank Dolaghan (guitar & vocals), Vic Hastings (rhythm guitar & vocals), Rusty (bass & vocals) and Digby Baillie (guitar & vocals).

It may have taken well over 40 years for Themme Thynges to stage a reunion but, by all accounts, the wait was more than worth it!  Not since the mid to late 60’s had fans had the opportunity to enjoy the sounds of one of Rhodesia’s top bands of that era and, despite the years apart, it wasn’t long before all signs of rust had disappeared.  Their was no shortage of commitment as the band’s members travelled from the United Kingdom and South Africa to join their colleagues in Zimbabwe.  Adding Tony Palmer to the mix on keyboards, the band launched into a short period of rehearsals, opening their short tour of Zimbabwe on Friday, 7th September, 2012, to a packed house at the Borrowdale Country Club.  Delighted fans reported that they were “blown away” by the band’s performance and that their talents were still very much in evidence.

Sunday, 9th September, saw the lads gigging at the Sherwood Golf Club, followed by their arrival at the Kariba Country club for what was supposed to be a bit of a break.  Their plans were modified, however, when they entered the bar and were loudly greeted with a dollop of friendly abuse from one of the bar patrons!!  The culprit had apparently been at their opening gig and was beside himself at seeing the band again.  As they settled into a couple of beers and time progressed, their circle steadily grew.  After the general bonhomie had firmly taken root, the chairman of the country club asked whether they’d be able to play at the forthcoming AGM.  Despite not having their instruments with them, enough acoustic guitars and a rudimentary drum kit were sourced from the local community to allow the band to back Rusty (whose “stage” consisted of two beer crates!) for his cabaret spot, as well as to provide some great music for the good folk who had gathered for the AGM.  Another successful event.

Friday, 14th September, saw the band played their penultimate gig at the OG’s premises in Harare in front of a sizeable turnout of some 750 – 800 people.  With a very professional staging of the event, together with the assistance of sound engineer, Craig Gardner, Themme Thynges truly rocked out!  There was little doubt that many people in the audience had come specifically to see the band and the response they received was outstanding.

Saturday, 15th September, saw the curtain come down on the band’s reunion tour with a return gig at the Borrowdale Country Club.  Having the sound managed by local music guru, drummer Paul Smith of Harare’s Middle Age Spread, the set-up and vibe couldn’t have been better.  With the crowd packed into the club premises this was a fitting send-off to one of Rhodesia’s favourite bands of the day, the inimitable THEMME THYNGES!

With the tour having been such an amazing success, certain band members have threatened to repeat the experience again in the not-too-distant future.  Watch this space!