Home town:  Gwelo

Circa:  1968


Ian Dunbar

Eric Bradnick (later replaced by Gordon Fraser) –

Roger ‘Spider’ Atkinson

Bill Malkin

In 1968 Bill Malkin changed school to Thornhill High School, Gwelo,  in order to do A levels.  Here he recruited Ian Dunbar, Eric Bradnick (later replaced by Gordon Fraser) and Roger ‘Spider’ Atkinson and formed the group ‘Thyme Again’.

Thyme Again playing Que Que High dance in 1969 (2)
THYME AGAIN playing the Que Que High School “Mad Hatter” dance in 1969. Bill, Spider Artkinson, Ian Dunbar & Gordon Fraser.

With help from the school they were able to buy second-hand gear from Pete Badenhorst’s band The Establishment, and began getting gigs at local country clubs and high schools including Fort Vic, Que Que, Guinea Fowl and Chaplin.