TRIBAL SUICIDE – Peter Stuyvesant Rock Band contest in August 1971.

Circa:  1971 – 1972
Home town:  Salisbury

  • Jeff Dix – Vocals & lead guitar (Later replaced by John Dennis)
  • Trevor Short – Bass (Later replaced by Mike Rothquel)
  • Richard Brooker – Drums (Later replaced by Patrick van Rensburg who was, in turn, replaced by Lester Dix)

Guest Member:

  • Danny Lobo – Flute
TRIBAL assault on guitar!

This was a high school band formed when Jeff Dix invited two of his Prince Edward schoolmates to join him in forming a group.   All the band’s members were self taught.  Their rather unique name was devised by Jeff’s late, older, brother, Jerome, who had a flair for this type of creativity.  The band soon attracted a following and started to play gigs regularly throughout Salisbury at various halls, clubs, the University and at the Beverley Rocks motel.  Most of their playlist was made up of rock covers of songs by artists such as Santana, Jimi Hendrix and Deep Purple.  They were given an additional publicity boost after entering a Rock Band contest, sponsored by Peter Stuyvesant cigarettes, at the Skyline Motel in the Waterfalls suburb of the city.  At 16 years of age, they were the youngest band, by some way, participating.  Despite this they more than held their own, claiming second prize which was a great compliment to the band members and their skills.

As with so many bands of this era, their momentum was disrupted by military call-ups with Jeff Dix “reporting for duty” at the end of 1972.  He was replaced by John Dennis. In due course, both Trevor Short and Patrick van Rensburg left the band to be replaced by Mark Rothquel and Lester Dix, respectively. Lester Dix was Jeff’s brother.  Despite their efforts to keep the band together, its demise proved unavoidable and the group dissolved after a short period.

Jeff Dix, after completing his military service, went on to join SHALIMA.