Home town:  Somerset West
Circa: 1981

  • Rob Milne – Keyboard & vocals
  • Mike “Preggs” Pregnalato – Lead guitar & vocals
  • Vince Lewis – Bass & vocals

With the duo, the LINCOLN BROTHERS, having broken up at the end of a season at the Helderberg Hotel in Somerset West, Rob Milne immediately formed TRUCK with two South African musicians he knew from the local circuit in Mike Pregnalat and Vince Lewis.  The band rehearsed at Barrels on the the hotel premises.  They soon landed gigs at the Holiday Inn in Oudtshoorn before moving on to the  Queen’s Hotel in East London.

It was whilst in East London that Rob Milne was approached by well known South African musician and comedian, Joe Parker, who invited Rob to join him in a new musician venture.  In response to Rob’s counter-proposal that, rather than he join Joe in Johannesburg, that Joe join the band in East London, Joe accepted leading to the formation of the JOE PARKER SHOW BAND in 1981.

The JOE PARKER SHOW BAND did a fair amount of cabaret material in addition to the usual fare and featured at venues such as the London Town Pub in Cape Town and Lily’s Bar in the Holiday Inn in Port Elizabeth.  It was at the latter venue that Rob Milne decided to leave the band and go solo.