Updates – 19 January 2018

Recent updates and activities have included:

Site Administration:

  • Removing malware which had attached itself to some entries on the site, resulting in Rhodie Music being delisted from Google’s search engines.  The situation has been rectified and we have returned to Google’s “good books”!
  • The process of inserting links throughout the site’s pages has continued.
  • Two Soundcloud groups set up to allow the sharing of some unique Rhodie Music material.  See site’s Home Page for details.  Plenty more to follow.
  • SOE and back room tools refined.


  • Affinity – added
  • Effigy – revised
  • Initiation – revised
  • Ivory Tower – revised
  • Munch – revised
  • Pendulum – added
  • Themme Thyngs & Themme Things – both entries re-written and revised
  • Sheraleens added